1. I Love the Confidence It Gives Me with Pre and Post Checks.

    I love the confidence it gives me with pre and post checks. [T.I.C. provides] certainty in when and, more importantly, when NOT to adjust. I love the gentle yet still hands on approach.…Read More

    Dr. Brad, Chiropractor
  2. How Gentle It Is Would Be My #1 Recommendation

    Obviously how gentle it is would be my #1, especially since we see so many people who don’t like the “crack.” It’s specific, gets results, and its analysis makes you more confident you have found and are adjusting the subluxation. Also cheap set up – no $10, 000 Hi-Lo table required!…Read More

    Dr. Genevieve, Chiropractic
  3. We Recommend T.I.C. to All Children!

    My four children and I go every week for our scientific adjustments. It’s very gentle for the kids, and we get great preventative healthcare! We recommend our chiropractor to all children!…Read More

    Vanessa, T.I.C. Patient
  4. Small Adjustments Make a Dramatic Difference!

    [The technique allows my chiropractor to be] focused and aware of the cause of your pain. Seemingly light and small adjustments make a dramatic difference!…Read More

    Nadine, T.I.C. Patient
  5. It Works!

    It really works!…Read More

    Nathan, T.I.C. Patient
  6. Very Impressive!

    “[T.I.C.] allows the body to heal itself and… leads the body to heal from birth. Just by his technique he understands what is going on with the body. Very impressive. It’s fast – no need to massage ahead of time. It is truly a blessing and we are very thankful.…Read More

    Bella, T.I.C. Patient
  7. I’m Never Nervous or Apprehensive!

    “[T.I.C] focuses on the main issues but allows the body to heal itself. I also like how gentle the technique is. I’m never nervous or apprehensive about getting an adjustment.…Read More

    Jordan, T.I.C. Patient
  8. I Can Feel Positive Results of the Adjustment Immediately

    I love that I can feel positive results of the adjustment immediately and see positive results long term through regular scans.…Read More

    Krista, T.I.C. Patient
  9. I Won’t Go To Any Other Chiropractor

    Just a very good process: gentle adjustment with major results. I would not go anywhere else.…Read More

    Richard, T.I.C. patient
  10. I’m Never Nervous to get Adjusted.

    I love how gentle the technique is. I’m never nervous to get adjusted. I’ve told many friends who are unsure of chiropractic to go to my chiropractor as his technique is so good with babies and children of all ages.…Read More

    Berrie, T.I.C. Patient