T.I.C. = Tonal Integrative Correction

T.I.C. Chiropractic System is based upon chiropractic’s founder D.D. Palmer’s statement that “life is the expression of tone.”

By bringing together neural, muscular and skeletal components, Tonal Integrative Correction (T.I.C.) restores the normal degree of nerve tension and expression for the maintenance of optimal body harmony and function.  T.I.C. is about removing interference within the body so that the power that made the body can heal the body from above, down, inside and out.

Over the past decade of hands on learning and application in a clinical setting, the T.I.C. Chiropractic System has helped to clarify and improve the chiropractor’s ability to provide safe, gentle and specific care that has patients coming back for maintenance and referring their loved ones in to begin their chiropractic journey.

Some of the benefits T.I.C. gives include:

  • a method that confirms a VSC is present
  • a chiropractic technique that makes it easy to tell if the subluxation has been corrected
  • providing the chiropractor with the confidence of being able to deliver a good adjustment, not second guessing if the correct segment has been addressed
  • an analysis and adjusting technique that is easy on the chiropractor’s body, enabling the chiropractor to continue practicing without injury or discomfort for years to come
  • not having to bend over the patient to give an adjustment thus making it easier on the chiropractor’s body
  • being able to adjust a patient anywhere, in any position, no tables required
  • allowing the chiropractor to see a high volume of patients without losing quality of care
  • being able to see posture changes immediately
  • getting instant feedback and the ability to see results happen before your eyes
  • no audible cavitation of an adjustment taking place – decreasing the fear many have about being adjusted in the first place
  • being simple and easy to learn
  • tone based model
  • a system that is founded on pure, simple, hands on chiropractic adjusting and is easily adapted for instrument adjusting