Dr. Jason W. Sabo, a 2002 Suma Cum Laude graduate from Northwestern College of Chiropractic, opened his first practice in Roseville, MN before relocating to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 2004.
Growing up in a family who used chiropractic as a regular part of pain management, Dr. Jason was familiar with the fact that chiropractic care provided an alternate solution to mainstream pain management through medication. However, it was while attending chiropractic school that he learned chiropractic was founded on the knowledge that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating being. Dr. Jason came to understand that chiropractic’s purpose was to remove interference in one’s body so that the body could heal and express itself the way it was designed to.

This principle struck a chord with Dr. Jason and from that time on he has had a passion to remove nervous system interference so that people can achieve optimal health and function at a level that allows them to operate within their God-given purpose and reach the world around them with their own gifts and talents. This passion has led to a high volume referral based practice that continues to grow still today. With over a quarter of a million adjustments and thousands of personal testimonies, the T.I.C. technique has proven to be a result based method for advancing chiropractic and helping thousands of patients live a full purpose driven life.