Tonal Integrative Correction

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Chiropractic Adjusting Technique

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T.I.C. Chiropractic System offers a two-fold approach to remove Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) through the 1) analysis and 2) the adjustment of the spine. The analysis protocol is a quick, precise, accurate and reproducible method to detect the presence of VSC giving the chiropractor the confidence and assurance that the proper care is given for the patient’s overall health and expression of life. T.I.C. is a specific analysis with definitive parameters that can be used to asses the most complicated cases including patients bound to wheelchairs or missing limbs.

The adjustment technique is a gentle, hands on method of adjusting that can be performed by any chiropractor while the patient is in a seated or standing position. The technique is easy on the chiropractor's body, is quick to perform and results in noticeable postural correction beginning with the first adjustment. Specialized equipment is not necessary to perform T.I.C. and no cavitation occurs helping patients remain calm and open to receive healing.
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 T.I.C. is a chiropractic technique that can be utilized alongside other techniques or as a stand alone method. It is a safe, gentle and precise adjusting procedure effective on infants, adults and seniors.  T.I.C. Chiropractic System gives the chiropractor a way to be sure of when and when not to adjust a segment thus building confidence and assurance that they are providing quality care within definitive parameters – no guessing involved.

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T.I.C. is a simple, easy to learn chiropractic technique that enables the chiropractor to assess and adjust with confidence. The adjustment is specific, gentle and precise and changes can be observed instantaneously.

With over a decade of experience and over a quarter million adjustments performed, Dr. Jason W. Sabo has the confidence, the compassion and the hands on experience to guide and assist chiropractors world wide to provide precise chiropractic care.

“You never know how far reaching something you think, say, or do will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” – BJ Palmer, D.C.

The chiropractic technique is gentle on the chiropractor and is easy to add to current adjusting styles. It is not hard on the doctor's body and enables the doctor to continue practicing without injury or discomfort for years to come. The adjustment given is low-force and silent. There is no audible cavitation leaving many patients comfortable and at ease to receive the spinal correction they require for their body to heal.

T.I.C. is a technique that has proven effectiveness. Listen as those under T.I.C. chiropractic care have been impacted by the technique and how their lives have been changed.